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Ultimate Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

The market has a lot of options to offer when it comes to bathroom faucets. Finding the right one can, therefore, prove to be quite a daunting task. What does one use in washing hands once done with the bathroom and there is need to clean up. An ultimate bathroom faucet buying guide thus comes in handy to give you an insight on what exactly you should look out for when buying faucets.

Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

Consider the type of installationdkjdkjskskssksk

When buying bathroom faucets, it is important for you to consider if you will be installing the faucet on an existing sink or buying a new sink altogether. If you are buying faucets to replace old ones, you need to consider the holes on the existing sink so that they can perfectly fit. The type of installation has to be the same. In this case, you are limited from exploring a lot of options. If you are buying a new sink altogether, you have the freedom to explore all types of installation. You have the choice to decide whether you want faucets with one handle, two handles, one single unit or several separate units.

a) Single hole faucet – This has one handle which controls both cold and hot water. It is sold as a single unit.
b) Centre – set faucet – This one has two handles and a spout. It is also sold as a single unit.
c) Wall – mounted faucet – This one is not installed on the sink but in the wall. The splash increases as it installed further higher from the sink.
d) Widespread faucet – This one is sold as three separate units consisting of 2 handles and a spout.

Faucet features

The two main features of faucets are the handles and the spout arc. The ultimate bathroom faucet buying guide dictates that you should put into consideration the number of handles on the faucet as well as the spout arc height. These features depend on the type of installation. If you are buying the faucet for an existing sink, you will have no choice but get one with the same number of handles as the previous one. In addition to this, the spout arc height should also match the previous height especially if there are any shelves above the sink. If you are renovating your bathroom, you have the choice of choosing the number of handles you want as well as the height of the spout arc. It is advisable that you choose one with two handles. It makes it easy to control the water temperature.

Faucet styles

The style of the faucet is another key to the ultimate bathroom faucet buying guide. For coordination, the faucet style should match the style of your bathroom. This works well especially if you are renovating your bathroom. There are three styles of faucets which are traditional, modern and transitional. Transitional is neither modern nor traditional but contains a hint of each.

The Finish

kjskskssksksksskThe finish determines the final look of your bathroom. Again, for coordination, it is advisable that your bathroom faucet finish complement your bathroom’s finish. Different faucet styles come in different finishes. One style could have a variety of finishes that the other styles does not have. The most popular faucet finishes are nickel, black, chrome, brushed chrome finish, bronze and brass. You should put your bathroom style in mind when picking the faucet finish.…