All You Need To Know On Truck Freight



Truck freight is responsible for most of the cargo that is distributed across the globe. The industry racks in billions of dollars annually. Truck freight varies as there are different types; each having a unique and an important role to play, especially as it transports goods across the country.

Truck freight

22bncvbjckjCompanies ship different truck freight varieties. They vary in value, size, and content. For instance, many people are surprised when they discover some of the ice cream they consume was shipped from a different end of the country yet remains frozen. It’s also interesting how huge machines are transported from one end of the continent to a factory warehouse located at the other end. All this is facilitated by truck freight and special trailers and equipment. The people working in the trucking industry are only tasked with hauling the freight while the truck does the rest.

Flatbed trucks

The flatbed trucks have a leveled off the trailer that is wide open and lacks any side barriers or top cover. The flat appearance gave it its name – flatbed. This design eases loading and unloading of large freight that might not be able to easily fit on the standard 53-foot trailers. Most truck
freight is secured on flatbeds and are tied with tarps, straps among other
locking devices to ensure the loads remain tied down.

The flatbed trucks are used for large manufactured parts, construction goods, and any other oversized loads. There are even cases where it might be used to move huge mounds of logs. For a load to be classified as oversized, it must be over 8.5 feet wide. This truck type requires lights and red flags that can easily distinguish it on the road.

Step deck trucks

There is one similarity of the step deck truck that resembles its flatbed counterpart; the open level surface. The main thing that differentiates the two is the lower position that remains closer to the ground. This helps the taller truck freight to sit much lower preventing potential
hazards e.g. bridge clearances.

Reefer truck

Sometimes it is referred to as the refrigerator truck. The trailer is uniquely temperature controlled to accommodate goods that must be kept within a certain temperature zone. This truck mostly carries food-related products that are perishable when not refrigerated. They also transport other goods such as pharmaceuticals, hazmat materials, chemicals, etc.

Dry vans

33,nvnlkjklvkhouThese trucks are the most common on our roads. They are the standard 53-foot trailers and can be seen on the back of major retail chain trucks branded with their name. They are not related to a van in any way. They are best used for hauling goods on the trailer and keeping them contained well during transportation. Goods stored here are safeguarded from the elements.

Other trucks

There are auto carriers, dump trailers, and tanker trucks. These are high specialized for specific loads.


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