Coffee Machine Buying Guide


Coffee is a popular drink that is made from brewing the coffee powder which is made from roasted coffee beans. There are different types of coffee one can drink including the latte, cappuccino among others. These various types of coffee are made using different coffee makers or machines. One has to consider different factors before making that purchase and look for the top coffee makers that will met their needs. Below is a coffee machine buying guide.

Coffee Machine

Preferred type of coffee machine

There are various types of coffee machines including the manual ones, the automated ones and the capsule coffee machines.

Manual coffeeeiueuieueeueueeu

The manual coffee machine is meant for the person who loves experimenting with various types of coffee beans. They have a pump that is motor driven which dispenses the needed amount of water in a Thermo block hence making the desired taste of coffee. Their main advantage is the fact that one has control over the kind of coffee they want to be made.

Automated coffee

The automated coffee machine does everything. One only adds coffee beans to the machine for grinding then they will be dispensed when one touches a certain button. They are a bit expensive than the manual ones and are meant for one who wants a quick cup of coffee without doing much. They are also noisier than the manual ones.

Capsule coffee

The capsule coffee machine eliminates usage of coffee beans. It uses ground coffee in capsule form which is wrapped in filter paper and placed in the machine. The machine pierces the pod forcing hot water through the contents hence creating an espresso. It is fast and also easy to use. However, the capsules turn out to be damn expensive.

The size of the machine

One should also determine the size of the coffee maker that can fit in their space. If one will be putting it away after every use, then they need a smaller one which will occupy less space wherever it is stored. One should also have enough space on their counter top to ensure that it fits there as they use it.

Features and settings of the coffee machines

• The bar pressure. This is the speed which forces hot water through the coffee machine. The optimal time is around fifteen to twenty bars.

• The Thermo block should also be considered. These are the heaters that ensure the coffee water is hot or heated up to a certain temperature as the drinker would love it to be.

• The filter holder is used to hold the coffee granules. The cheaper models have aluminum filter holders while the expensive ones have brass. Brass is better since it is good at heat retention.

Wattage of the coffee machine

Machines whose wattage is high boil water faster than the ones with a lower wattage. This saves one more time when they are making their morning coffee.

Milk frother

skdsjsjsjsjsjsjsjSome of the machines have inbuilt milk frother. The frothers are used to aerate the milk by steaming it hence when heated the milk increases in volume helping to cut through the sharp coffee flavor. For those who love art, they can go for a domestic barista which will help the milk frother to make the cool art of coffee like that of the café.