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Civil Site Preparation Techniques to Clear Land

It goes without saying that before starting construction works, you would need to prepare the site for the construction process. This preparation must be done properly to ensure that the area does not hinder construction progress. The first task you need to do is clear the site of scrubs, trees, and buildings. However, the clearing of sites is labor intensive and require professional contractors like ALS Incorporated to undertake this exercise. This will ensure that  care is taken and the work is done properly. Here are a few civil site preparation techniques that are used by most clearing companies to clear the site before starting a building project.

First of all – What is site clearing?

You’ll basically remove any obstacle that would impact future construction processes and hinder the building project. This includes any old underground infrastructure. The clearing method depends on the type of vegetation on the land, and can be done either by hand or by machine. You will need ropes, cables and chains.5465utyrte

The Pushover Method

This method is often requires the use of big construction equipment and is best done where large tracts of land need to be cleared. The trees are pushed over and hailed off the land. The roots are usually still intact during the hauling process. The trees are moved to a central location then processed either for sale or for use as a mulching material.

The Cut and Grind Method

This technique is best for areas where only a few trees need to be removed. It is also ideal for small pieces of land. It involves the process of cutting the trees, leaving the stumps in the ground. The cut trees are then moved to a processing location for other uses, while the stumps are ground for use as mulch. The stumps can also be pulled out of the ground using large construction machinery.

The Controlled Burn Method

r4t546yrThis is one of the most delicate techniques. A controlled fire is used to burn trees and bush to the ground. The fires are afterwards extinguished, leaving room for construction equipment such as a bull dozer to clear what’s left. The danger with this method is that the fire can spread. This can be a problem, especially in areas surrounded with a lot of trees, grass, and shrubbery. It also present environmental concerns as it pollutes the air.

There three civil site preparation techniques are used to clear land. Small pieces of land can be cleared without the use of a professional, and larger sites may need a team of specialists to clear the site. However, it is advisable to use trained professionals who would be able to assess the land and choose the fastest and most effective method. They are more likely to understand local land clearing laws and regulations.…