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Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

Deciding on what you should feed your dog is not something to take lightly. The biggest contributor to wellness is diet, apart from mental health and exercise. I believe in leading by example; my two dogs are lean, energetic and very healthy, I desire to inspire you to try and come up the food yourself for your dog. Here are the tips you can use to improve your dog’s diet:

Avoid shelf stable foods as a staple diet

sdfghgfdghIt is very alarming why processed foods have shelf life of 12 to 24 months. We are made to believe that shelf-stable foods have all the nutrients our dogs need to live healthily and live long. The shelf stable foods lack live enzymes because of the cooking, industrial processes. Be careful when purchasing such foods some contain synthetic supplements to meet supposedly “balanced” nutrition standards.

Introduce fresh whole foods

These fresh foods include vegetables and fruits which are rich in live enzymes which will improve your dog’s health. Whole foods have fiber which helps in the digestion process, pooping and even improves stools. Many nutrients are destroyed during the cooking process which creates shelf stable foods whereby the manufacturer takes advantage in addition synthetic nutrients to the products. There are vegetables that the dog should eat and some which cannot be eaten. Broccoli stems are very nice and nutritious plus the beetroot leaves which are very healthy. Vegetables have maximum nutrients which help in strengthening the bones, gums and teeth maintenance.

Avoid cooking meat

All species eat raw food except humans. Avoid cooking meat for your dog better you lightly sear it. Meat becomes harmful when introduced to heat for example when the muscles of mammals are cooked under high-temperature carcinogenic chemicals are produced which becomes harmful to the body system can even cause cancer or liver failure. Cooking meat for the dog is not the best option give it raw.

Use raw coconut oil as a source of fat

Coconut oil is unique and healthy has no additional chemical content. Coconut oil helps in managing your dog’s weight. The oil goes directly to the liver and then converted to energy. When your dog is full of energy, he can exercise well and stay lean to avoid being obese or having chances of getting diseases related to obesity.

Be in charge

dfgvfdfno one knows your dog better than you do. This means you should be in control of your dog’s diet. Ensure you attend to your dog very well. Adhere to the dog’s meal times, bathing times, exercise, walk and resting times to this will keep your dog healthy and promote long life. Also, invite your dog’s vet to check it from time to time to ensure your dog’s health is at it’s best.…

Tips on buying a carport

Buying a carport might be confusing keeping in mind that there are different types and designs available. You need to make sure that you buy a good and durable carport that will serve your needs. The first approach when buying a carport is to look for a reliable supplier and read carport reviews. With a reliable supplier, you will be guaranteed of getting a good carport. Ideally, carports are cheaper than building a garage so you can always get one within your budget. Apart from parking your car, a carport will serve many purposes so keep this in mind when buying one.

How to buy a carport

Free-standing or attached

When it comes to buying a carport, the first thing is to determine whether you want a freestanding or an attached carport. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should be aware of them before you make a decision. For instance, with a freestanding carport you need have sufficient space where you can place it, but at the same time, it is affordable to install. On the other hand, an attached carport makes use of little space although it might be expensive to install it because of the technical expertise.


Roof style

You need to determine the roof style before you decide to buy a carport. The simplest design that we have is the flat roof. A flat roof design is simple and cheap to construct. However, a flat roof might pose challenges because it doesn’t drain water and this might lead to damage. The other roof design is the slanting roof that is a little bit complex to design, but it is durable.

Material of the carport

Choosing a good material for your carport is important. Most of the time, the material is used for the frame and reinforcement. Steel is the most common material used for carports because it is lightweight and durable. However, some people use other materials like timber and aluminum. It all depends on your taste as well as your budget.


Open or closed sides

Having a carport with open or closed sides is possible. For closed sides, you will be required to spend more for the construction; however, your car will be completely enclosed. Open side carports are the most common because they are affordable and also practical.…